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Feel like you could be achieving MORE with your lifting? 

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About the 12 week course
Powerlifting can seem confusing (even scary!) at times. 

We know that most people don't want to compete in powerlifting, they just want the strength, health and confidence that comes with the training. 

But many beginners haphazardly start powerlifting, compete when they're not ready and end up hating what is a very rewarding, inclusive sport. 

We hate it when people aren't getting the most out of powerlifting. 

Nobody should have to experience a plateau in results, boredom or a fear of competing. 

We are determined to make powerlifting an enjoyable challenge open to everyone - whether you want to compete or not! 

So here's what you get in this 12 week course:
"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
Russell Brunson

Increase strength by 10-15kg per lift

Increase technique and improve your weak points

Increase knowledge of powerlifting 

Confident lifter and ready to take your training further

what's Included in your 12 weeks


Receive in-depth programming and progression. The course is for anyone who wants to get stronger and how to execute their lifting with expert technique.


Be coached in a small, friendly group setting with the same faces each and every session. Numbers are limited to maximise time with your coach. 


Be coached by champion powerlifters experienced in competing in the GPCPF, British Powerlifting (Formerly GBPF) and BPU Federations with knowledge in equipped lifting.


See your strength, confidence and technical ability soar with personalised programming and a dedicated coach in all of your sessions.


Track the changes to your body fat % and lean mass with our InBody scanner. See how your training visibly changes your physique.


Gain access to our online members area where you can follow all of our nutritional programs and systems to dramatically improve your body composition and performance. 


Record your strength and competitive performances using a dedicated smartphone app. Calculate your percentages and track your PRs.


Train in a NWPL approved competition venue chosen to host the NWPL Masters Powerlifting Championships in 2020. Constant investment in quality kit


Learn the rules of powerlifting and strongman and find the strength sport for you. Learn commands, referee signals, simulation of platform experience. 
Read the words of these members who changed their lives, made new friends
and now compete in lifting.
  • Squat: 160kg
  • Bench Press: 135kg 
  • Deadlift: 225kg
Age 42, U93KG
"Initially I started at RSG to lose weight and to gain more strength. My first week was an eyeopener not only to the various types of strength training but mostly to my habits around food. I feel fitter, better within myself and it's renewed my confidence to be able to take my shirt off on holidays. Since I started 2 years ago at around 103kg I am now over 10kg lighter.

I have always been interested in Strongman competitions since my early days and I thought one day I will give it a go. I entered my first novice competition and have never looked back. At my first strongman competition I was very nervous but I just blocked it out and thought "just enjoy the experience", and it was a fantastic, friendly atmosphere. 

I love the way that training at RSG is like a team, everyone helps each other and if you are having a bad day at work coming to RSG changes this. The instructors know what they are doing and I really have confidence in them, which sets RSG apart as others I've had in the past haven't had a clue. If you're thinking of joining RSG, I say sign up! You will not regret it!" 
  • Squat: 110kg
  • Bench Press: 62.5kg 
  • Deadlift: 145kg
Age 32, U72KG
"My husband has been with RSG for a few years and I have always trained at Crossfit gyms. I’d hit a bit of a slump and wasn’t really progressing with my strength or body composition, plus I was struggling with my confidence after having a child, so I booked in to see Ant and his passion and down right honesty was refreshing. My goal was to trim some body fat, get stronger and have a better relationship with food and my body.   
At first I remember being a little overwhelmed as the class seemed to be quite close and they were mid-way through a program, but it was absolutely fine. Everyone was amazing. Since my initial chat with Ant, I haven’t looked back. In 6 months I have lost 4.6 kg weight and 6% body fat and I've gained 1kg muscle mass. My confidence and mental wellbeing has improved and now I can Deadlift twice my body weight! 
I had always liked training with a barbell but I never thought I’d be strong enough or have good enough technique to compete but RSG has taught me so much! Turns out I’m not too bad at it. I cheered on my gym mates at a comp in May (I didn’t feel quite ready) but I got the itch. Never in a million years did I think I would have the confidence to compete so it’s a massive achievement for me personally just to have signed up and I am taking part in my first competition this August.

At RSG the coaches are so invested in your wellbeing and progress. I really enjoy the programming; the structure and continuity. And I of course love the people. I have made some friends for life for sure. I can honestly say I have progressed more physically and mentally in the past 6 months than I did for the whole of my time at Crossfit. It taught me some barbell movements and technique, but the structure of RSG compared to the random WODs at Crossfit really works for me. Also, the commitment and knowledge from the coaches at RSG on nutrition has helped me so much to make better food choices. 
If you want to feel like you are actually getting something out of going to the gym, then RSG is the right place to be. You will get more out of a one hour session than you would at a regular gym for a few hours. It’s focused, results driven, you’ll have the best people around you and be commended on your efforts throughout. " 
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Sessions run Tuesday & Thursday at 6:15pm, Friday at 7:15pm & Sunday at 8:15am.

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STEP 3 - ongoing training

Once you're set up, your coach will customise your program and coach you through every session for 12 weeks of STRONG!
The price includes 4 x Per Week Fully Coached Group Training Sessions, Personalised Programming, Nutrition System and Body Composition Analysis plus access to our RSG Community events, workshops and socials.
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